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Scrooge in the Hood World Premiere Dec 10th!

 Ebineezer Scrooge ain't takin' no shit from any punk ass motha fuckas in this wild parody of Charles Dicken's classic tale.


Location: Regent Theatre, 7 Medford St, Arlington, MA

Time: Dec 10th, 1pm

It's that time of the year once more! Come see the most controversal film that Boston Film Family has ever produced!

Starring: George Raynor, Seregon O'Dassey, Tina Krause, Kassandre Casame, Peter Morse, Oselito Joseph, Todd Therrien, Alexander Hauck, Richard Chandler, William Jacques, William Bloomfield..., James Baker, David Bockenkamp, Jim Pierce, Katie Petkiewich, Allan Alexander, Alexander Lewis, Sandra Brown, Holid Love, Anglea Seay, Wes Williams, Lilith Astaroth, James Barrett, Mike Goodreau, Dwayne Sneed, Alyssa Soule, Mike Brophy, Bernie Hutchens, Larry DaCosta, Matt Colicci, Marely Mercedes, Kurt Gombar, Gareth William Mannion, Brian Odiana, Craig Geodecke, CJ Okafor, Joe Campenella, Ivan Kasana, Tim Anders, Ruth Kelly, Diane Curran...And many more!

And we'll also be debuting the BOSTON MASSACRE trailer! Starring Richard Chandler, Carver Riot, Seregon O'Dassey, George Raynor, Tina Krause, Jacklyn Sullivan, and more!

Directed by Richard Chandler, and shot by Gareth Mannion

Tickets will be 9 bucks at the door. Free parking across the street behind the school!

Cast and crew come early for photography!

Film is a hard R...absolutely no kids on this one!

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