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Production Live Anniversary Party and Live Taping Donations Needed!

To celebrate TTN-HD's 4th Year Anniversary and Production Live's 20,000th hit we are planning a live taping and party. But in order to make this magical event happen we need your support. Since TTN-HD is provided to the Boston Film Community at no cost we are unable to fit the bill for an event that you won't want to miss out on. So that's where you come in we need your support to help us make this event a night to remember and its easy on how you can donate to TTN-HD simply by going to Paypal you can send your donation to Admin@MarkAllenWood.net and it will be placed right into our account for the party or if you would like to mail a check you can do that by mailing it to:

Mark Allen Wood
12 Churchill St
Salem MA 01970
Please make all checks out to Mark Allen Wood.

We really want to have this event to bring everyone that we have supported over the last six months together so we can all celebrate the Boston Film Scene together and so we can make history by preparing for our live tv taping. So please help support a podcast that has given so much to the Boston Film Community and we look forward to your patronage.

If you are going to donate via personal check please respond to this e-mail so that we can be sure to send out the proper thank you.

Also if you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the event either by providing a location for the party or if you want to provide Photo services or DJ services please let me know we are willing to do trade offs for ad space at the event.

The final date will be decided soon once we receive the donations from our supporters.

Mark Allen Wood
Executive Producer
TTN-HD Productions

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