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Interviews needed about CCRI Night Campus Warwick RI


I am part of a student group that is putting together a documentary about the building of the CCRI campus in Warwick, RI know as the Knight Campus. This is an advanced television production course.

The was constructed in the late 1960’s and was known that as Rhode Island Junior College. (RIJC) at that time.

We are looking for old photos and articles.

People who knew about the project to interview on film.

Students who attended in the 60's

Teachers who taught there at the time.

Construction folks who worked on the project.

Neighbors who were affected by the building either positive or negative.

Please send me an email if you have information that will help us to create this documentary video for our final project. We can not compensate you for your efforts as this is a student project but I will promise a copy of the documentary after completion.


Larry O’Leary

Please email me at the following email if you have information or would like to be interviewed.



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