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The Surrogates Now Shooting in Worcester through May 29th!

The Surrogates, the sci-fi thriller starring Bruce Willis, is now shooting in Worcester, Massachusetts at the old Courthouse, which acts as FBI headquarters in the film! Crew members are flooding the area and it is reported that over 100 hotel rooms have been booked in the downtown area. Bruce Willis has been spotted going to and from his trailer, but Ving Rhames is not shooting scenes in Woo Woo.

Filming will continue in Worcester through May 29th (except for May 25-26).

You can read more in an article in the Worcester Telegram.

Friends of OurFilmSpace are going to try to take some photos tomorrow, May 24th, so check back with OurFilmSpace, as we will try to post any photos over the weekend! As always, feel free to post any photos that OurFilmSpace Members and friends come across here!

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