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This can easily be said like this :

"It's never easy, as if easy was never an option in life. Imagine an infinite wall with opportunities awaiting at the grab of a hand.Now imagine that one thing you most desired, wanted was all the way at the end of this wall. It took you countless years to get there, however it is now staring you right in the face. You grab it, and as freely as it pops off this wall, you're now in control of how you take on this opportunity. This can be work related, relationship related, or family related. Opportunities actually come and go right in front of our eyes, and most of the time we don't even see them.

So now you have this opportunity that is yours. You can run with it and do as you planned but it doesn't get easier. It actually becomes harder. The question however is, ' were you focused enough and ready to accept this opportunity as you so easily grabbed it, or was this a spontaneous act of unconscious ambition?' Were you solely predicated on the intentions that you wouldn't face any obstacles?

Remember, if you don't plan to fail, you will never have a good enough back up plan if you do fail. I mean, isn't failure not an option in most of our minds? of course it is. Life's fiasco's can easily be turned around if we just think before we act, say what we mean to say, and do what we say we will do. So to say it's never easy is 'damn right', but someone has to change that and in the end its only 'YOU!'

so think success and nothing less...

okay thanks for reading.

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Thank you for the great "Personal Encouragement " statement.
It is true what you say. Someone said, 'if you don't have a plan, you plan to fail'. I don't know where I heard that but it is sort of like what you said. I am going to try and quit smoking tommorrow again. Someone also said, 'if you say 'try', then you have already failed.' People who 'try' to do things give up easily. So I am going to quit smoking and not 'try' anymore. Don't 'try' to do something. 'Just Do It', as someone else also said. So focusing on what you want, and how you are going to get there, and then putting it into action is key. Write it down. Put it where you can't miss it, in BIG LETTERS...THIS IS MY GOAL, and give yourself deadlines. And stick to it. It is the only way to gain your true self respect. Something you should not ever live without.
People who talk and talk about what they are going to do, never in fact do those things. 'Talk is Cheap'. So don't TALK about it, don't 'TRY' to do it. Once you make a real committment, that is the most powerful thing you can do. Don't give up. Failing is not an option. The work is hard. 'The groove is cold' as they say. But the payoff is high.. so stay focused and don't stop. This is your life and the clock is ticking. Don't wait. Do it. For You.
Thank you for the responses. Always keep your head up and focused in the right direction. Life is unpredictable, but while we are still here, we can do what it takes to predict our own future.


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