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A journey unlike anything I have ever taken before. A chance, only one chance to impress someone who seems to have captured every piece of my heart. Before it all started, I had a vision of that perfect life already. The one that you could talk about for hours upon hours to any crowd, and without any doubt, would be intrigued and inspired. By inspired I mean, one would not hesitate for a second to venture out and find true love for themselves. I didn't know her. This whole time, I figured that I would be the one walking the single path after my previous break-up. To me, she was vibrant, full of life, energetic, and most of all, amazingly beautiful. I instantly had a crush on her. However, wasn't too sure of what sort of crush this was. Let me think back to my few meanings of what a crush was. This wasn't the proactive, seventh grade crush where you exchange letters

in-between classes, or during lunch time. This also wasn't the," Do you like me," curious and eager crush that you experience at least once in your life. I don't believe this was the sexually frustrated, that usually only ends in a one night stand crush. Could it be possible that after all my past relationships, all my run-ins with multiple females, whether casual or physical, be the ultimate crush? Well there I sit. My face drawn to her beauty, personality, and willingness to hold an interesting, yet spontaneous type conversation with me. Without hesitation, we both expressed our immediate feelings towards each other. It didn't take long for either of us to come to an agreement on setting up a date. you cant place an emotion on me at that moment, it was just a stir of crazy emotions that was overwhelming my entire body. Maybe she knew or maybe she was feeling the same way, wondering how I felt. Regardless of our own curiosities, we knew it was the right thing to do. I drove to her place, on a warm sunny day in the end of June. Right around the corner was July, the time of month in New England where the temperature is just right, where people are strolling around and kids are playing their favorite outdoor activities. I remember being quite confident though, but slightly nervous at the same time. This was something totally new to me. New in the sense that I felt something even before I met her. Feelings as if you knew you aced the final exam but haven’t seen the actual results yet. I was sure that this was going to be worth my time.

I adored her ability to be so independent, self-sufficient, and self-motivated. She was the type of girl that you would say,”yea, she's out there somewhere." I was slightly different from her growing up. We both shared similar household beliefs, as well as religious beliefs. When we met, I knew that I needed to change. My past relationship wasn't heading in the direction I was expecting, so after it had ended, I found myself digging at a hole that seemed to get deeper and deeper as time past. After our first night together had come and ended, there was something about her I couldn't see myself letting go of. It was like she wrapper her arms around me just the right way that night. It was like she said the exact things I wanted to hear, and as if she kissed me the way I have always wanted to be kissed. I wasn't going to let this be just a summertime fling. Oh how I could imagine her in a sun dress, with matching flip flops on, walking hand in hand together. Just being ourselves. I had to go see her again. This girl is amazing. However I was disconcerted with the way I was starting to behave. There is this time in any new relationship, after leaving one some time before, that brings back those old feelings and uncertainties about jumping into something so sudden. I had a breakdown. I was stuck in an elevator that wasn't moving up or down, and The door wouldn't open no matter how many times I pushed the buttons. I needed help. I needed closure. I wasn't sure how to go about facing this problem with a girl that I have only known for a few months, and actually thinking she would understand what is going on inside my head. Surprisingly, she was more then accepting to my predicament state. She agreed That I needed to do what had to be done, so we could move on. She was the perfect counselor for my problem and my solution. After that was all settled and over. I knew that this was the girl that I wanted to be with for the rest of my life.

It has been almost a year, right around the corner; I will be celebrating my first year anniversary with my girl. It has had its share of ups and downs, reconnecting, and amazing moments. I wouldn’t change anything that has happened to me for anything in the world. You can't put a price on something so real, and deep. I am a stronger, more responsible, and determined person because of her. I am more aware and much happier since we first laid eyes on each other. She is that key to my dreams, and she's so good for me.

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beautiful man, I loved this. I have been waiting for a person to enter my life, the way you describe your woman, it seems like forever. Getting stuck in the elevator is really I believe a metaphor for you, the character in this I mean, being stuck in your (his) emotions. Most guys have a hard time committing. Because even though this might be the one, there are always others around the next corner, or so we think, and only having the x word with one person the rest of your life, if your faithful that is, is a scary thought, especially for guys. We like all kinds of sugar, dig it.


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