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MONOLOGUE (dramatic) Written by Seth Gregoire

Also: I filmed this monologue this past Saturday and will be up on my page this weekend.

Wait! Are you kidding me?

Who the hell do you think told mark about the other night?
Im not in a good mood now
Do you understand that this was supposed to be kept a fucking secret?
The reason any of this happened was because you and your stupid girlfriend lied about where you were going the other night!
(Look with disbelief)
Yes you and your girlfriend man!
The whole thing was supposed to work out perfectly, except
(laugh in disbelief)
man im shaking!
When you both went to get the things needed for this, your girl picked up the phone, and forgot to keep the story line consistent with anyone she spoke to. And you know that bitch of a friend she has went back and told mark. I just know it! How else would he have known and been able to question the news article that was on the front of the Newspaper this morning HUH?
(sound worried)

I mean, we could tweak the story a little but how, if the cops find out or even suspect for one second that we were involved, with our track record, we are screwed. I’m even surprised were not under investigation for the incident.
(start to breath)
Well call your girlfriend up, please were all going to have to meet up at Charlie’s bar, and figure out what to do now
And tell her to bring her dumb friend too, because If she looks at all nervous, I think we have to get rid of her. Alright? Well get on it. And as for now, get rid of any evidence, (pause)
clothes, weapons, and phones; clean the shit out of your car. Then clean it again for all I care, we don’t have much time before we are questioned. And im not getting locked the fuck up again, because of some stupid chick that couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Not this time! I need this money, and so do you. Now get the fuck out of here!

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That reads great!!!

I'm not an actor,b ut if I was every going to shoot for being one I might consider stringing together a bunch of "Dudeisms."

Because hey The Dude abides!!!
Thanks! ha only if DeNiro could read it huh? Yea I can write for females as well. its not hard. What would you like to see? get back to me.

Suspenseful Seth...u got my attention i wanna know what the hells goin down! lol
good job!
I can relate to this story, as people with big mouths usually gets you in trouble, hear what I'm sayin'...lol
best to stay clear of loose lips, most of the time
Very good Monologue! You are very talentuous! Greetings!

Artistic Regards,

Derek Dark


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