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Just wanted to pass on the word to my fellow comrads. Explore Talent contacted me today via an SMS message saying I fit perfect for a role on an infomercial thats location is yet to be determined. That and they needed me to pay for a pro account in order for them to forward my info to the casting director (whom they said already had picked me)... Finally broke him down to tell me the price was 30 a month, 70 for 3, 120 for 6 or 199 for a year... Said thanks bye. Clicked Google: keywords "Explore Talent Scam" and there's the rest of the story.

Apparently, Boston really IS the new L.A. Never pay a dime for a casting call *unless it's like actorsaccess.com which is 2.00 per submission which is only if you fit a role and a legit daily sheet service.

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I agree 100%. It a total rip off & it take forever to get your money back,. They debited my mom's cedit card twice in one month!
They emailed us and told us Melanie was a perfect fit for Bree in Twilight... (pulling on the heartstrings of every 14 year old Twilight lovers dream). With caller ID they conveniently knew her name upon my call and said it was merely 199 for a year and that we could cancel after responding to the audition. Also said that the auditions would necessarily be in NY or Boston and that the taping would most certainly be local. No we did not bite the bait although were tempted. All my research showed that they had lied, I believe Bree had been announced within a few days of the call, taping IS in Vancouver and all discussions by those who auditioned said that auditions were in Canada. Since she does not have a passport, we would not have been able to even audition if they were interested in her. So yes they are no good for nothin liers and bad business people. Thanx for bringing it up. ~Susan~
i was on that site awhile ago, but was never on it long enough to know it was a scam. thanks for bringing it up.
I noticed you wrote something about actors access... I signed up with them and get occasional e-mails for roles I may fit... I have submitted for two casting since I signed up which was almost a year ago... Is actors access really legit? or do people just think it is and is worth it because they're not asking for 200 a year it's only 2 dollars if you want to send a head shot in for an audition?
Yeah but they picked you!!! LOL Thanks David.
Actors' Access is definitely legit. I have gotten auditions for many roles through them, as well as some gigs.
mandy.com is also legit, but I found mostly roles for people much younger than I. Legitimate casting agencies routinely post auditions on both sites.
Can someone explain how Mandy.com works? I just tried setting up a profile there. Does everyone pay a fee to use site, actor and agents? It seems to be a reasonable small fee like Actors Access, but I had trouble moving around the site, if anyone familiar with the site could give a little intro it would be helful. ~Susan~
Unbelieveable - and people will fall for this.

3 Golden Rules I was taught:

Never go with anything/anyone who charges you:

to audition
to use THEIR photog
to represent you

I am on Explore Talent's free service. I have gotten calls but I always ignore them. I don't do the whole pay thing with the exception of Agency Pro. One thing I can say is that I have used Explore Talent to find actual casting calls here in Boston by using their list!
Thanks for the tip, David!
Or save your $$$ and subscribe to actorsaccess.com annually. Those ass clowns at Explore Talent are just a fraction of scammers coming after up and comers.
I got a call from Explore Talent, saying they were casting for "Sex in the city 2" in New York. They also tried to get me to sign up for a year at $199. I didn't of course but I feel bad for the people that would fall for this..


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