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Crew needed for the 2008 48 Hour Film Challenge (Providence)

I am looking for crew people for my team (Tempus Fugitives) for the weekend of July 18-20. Audio, camera operator, make-up, wardrobe, etc..

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Would be interested in helping out in some capacity if the time and location fit my work schedule could I get details?

I have audio and camera experience, but would welcome just being a PA to help out various departments.
i may be int. do prod. mgt.
wld like to know more about the project 1st!
I unfortunatley don't have any decent pro gear yet. I was juyst hoping to get on board a production to help out in some way.

I'm totally cool if you need folks with gear to get stuff done this time around.

But I am available that weekend so far.
I wouldn't mind the extra help if you still want to come on board.
Just send me the details I'm new to the 48hr deal, but have heard the basics from a friend who worked on the Boston one.

Just give me the where and when I'll plan to be there!!!!


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